Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

blablabla / gedankengänge - mental autputs - gedankliche skizzen - facts - for me untranslatable

of my friends I hear something
if I post a day not at FB
I always get a call! and they tell me blablabla
also what is on my side is open and everyone can read !
and then they have no more time !

if I want to talk to a rejoice in berlin! I may not talk to you unsure
I like you since long time but better! because you want to make me smile!
and no frustration as the longtime berliner friends! why ?
nobody tell me ?
I have helped many people my life !
and now I realize that the people I have helped
still looking for help! because that is their work !
so there are give people and take people! and the take people could help me !
because they know many give people addresses! but they are seen from far no donor !
because their bisenes adress as I concea l!
for them I'm just an unprofitable bisenes adress !!
but they do not help me because I have no money!
they think of invest and winning nothing !!
bauern Spruch "one of my grandpa" !! many berliner not understand!
pigs must feed you before I brings to markets !!
I do not understand! he is so aptly

they come visit me! and when they are gone I realize that they have robbed me! they have always been robbed me all those years? I have no desire that someone! visited always I have a thing less! with so little visit I know who that was always! I have given as much money and do not want anything! just a fuck smile! why should I do something good for people! this has always been part of my work! and without this part I do not have more fun! This is my reason why I do nothing !!! at this time frown

except you try
to make a joy to you smile
I had a lot of fun with you heart
if I do not have you all the time
I do not know where I would be now !!! kisses heart 

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